Third Party Integration

Connecting to HRD Logbook and DM780

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Win4YaesuSuite has a Ham Radio Deluxe compatible TCP server that can connect with the log book and DM780.   Normally you can just run the version 6 and later HRDLogBook.exe program (not HRD.exe) and it will connect immediately to Win4YaesuSuite with no configuration necessary.  Try this first! 

DM780 can be launched directly from the LogBook which must be running for DM780 to operate correctly. Please see the final section on this page for PTT settings. You can also add an AutoLaunch in the Tools Settings, 3rdParty SW/HW settings in Win4YaesuSuite to start HRD Logbook automatically.

If you are running the older free version of HRD, you will need to go into Win4YaesuSuite, and select the menu “Tools, Settings” and then click on the “3rd Party SW/HW” tab and un-check “Check for HRD version 6” which is the default.

Once you are connected open the radio pane in HRD Logbook (View Radio Pane).  You will see something like this for the FT-991, FTDX-1200 and FTDX-3000:

and something like this for the FTDX-5000 and FTDX-9000:

The important thing to note is that the current mode of the radio is listed beside “Mode” or “Main Mode”.

At this point you can close the radio pane and then use HRDlogBook like normal with Win4YaesuSuite.

If you do not see the actual mode as above, then you will need to follow these instructions:

1  – Make sure Win4YaesuSuite is closed.  Run HRD.exe and connect to your radio.  If you are using an old version of the free HRD, then you must use the YaesuFTDX-5000 definition to connect to the radio.

2 – Open the LogBook

3 – Click on “View Radio Pane” in the view menu

4 – Click on Options.  You will see the following:

5 – Click on Default Layout

You will see one of the above images depending on the radio choice.

6 – Click OK, Close the Logbook, and close HRD.

7 – Run Win4YaesuSuite and then open the HRDLogBook.exe program.  All should operate correctly.  You can also add an AutoLaunch in the Tools Settings, 3rdParty SW/HW settings to start HRD Logbook automatically.

Settings for DM780 and PTT

8 – If you wish to run DM780, you do not need to configure the radio pane in it. It will pick up what it needs form HRDLogbook.exe.

For PTT (Push to talk) you cannot use HRD as shown below since HRD.exe is no longer running.  You must select one of two methods for PTT, either COM Port or None as shown below.

The preferred method is Com Port.  Use this if you are using the USB connection on the 991, FTDX1200, and 3000. Enter the Comport number for the Standard comport, not the enhanced as shown in the Ports section of the Windows Device manager.  Otherwise, select None and configure your radio to use VOX.