System Requirements

Win4Yaesu Suite was developed to run on modern PC hardware and Operating Systems.

Operating System:

Windows 10, 8 and Vista 64 bit is recommended.  32 bit versions will also work.

Windows XP is supported as long as Microsoft supports it which means that as of December  2016 it isn’t. However, the only issues so far has been a requirement for different icon sizes during development.  It is supported as long as it works!


A modern dual core computer capable of HD video is recommended such as an Intel Core i3. 4GB of RAM is the minimum and 8GB or more is better especially if you run many third party apps simultaneously.  Of course this means a 64 bit operating system for the additional ram.  The screen resolution should be a minimum of 1600×800 although 1980×1024 is best.

Panadapter Requirements:

For the LP-PAN Panadapter:

Stereo capable sound device such as an onboard Realtek HD Audio, the or ASUS Xonar U7 (best).  The LPPAN website has up to date information on sound cards.

For Laptops, use an outboard USB sound device that has a stereo input. Few laptops do.  Please keep in mind that the quality of the panadapter display will be solely determined by the quality of the sound adapter. $10 boards, while they might work are not necessarily adequate for a high performance panadapter.

For the SDRPlay.

Both the RSP1 and RSP2 are supported.  For best results, it is recommended to use a large ferrite doughnut and wrap many turns of the USB cable through it.