Firmware Migration

Win4Yaesu Suite provides some tools to make migration between different radio firmware updates less painful. In general, when Yaesu provides a new firmware update, please wait until Win4Yaesu is updated to accommodate it.  This will usually be within one to two days.

When Yaesu provides a firmware update, all settings in the radio menu system will be reset to factory defaults.  Therefore any customization you have made to the menus will be lost if you install the firmware without backing up your current settings. In addition, there are two possible scenarios that can occur when there is a firmware update: Menus remain the same or Menus are changed. Please see the notes below for specific firmware updates.

In either case you should backup your settings:

To backup your settings (must be done before updating the firmware!), open “Tools – Radio Menu Items” and select Export.  Provide a descriptive filename.

Install the new firmware using the Yaesu documentation.  This will reset all menu items including the ComPort settings to factory default.  Therefore, after the update is complete, set the type of RS232 interface you use, a Baud Rate of 38400, and set the RTS to OFF in the radio menus.

If Menus remain the same:

Start Win4Yaesu and open the  “Tools – Radio Menu Items” and select import, providing the file name you used above.  This will restore all your settings.

If Menus have changed:

This is more complex.  In general, Yaesu can change, insert, or delete menu entries and they provide no way to perform a migration. Importing your exported settings as above will not work.  At the moment (September 2018) a solution is not ready yet but it is being worked on.

September 6th 2017

Yaesu has introduced a new Main Firmware version of 01-23.  There are NO changes to the menu’s so please follow the above procedure.