Windows for Yaesu Suite

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Win4Yaesu Suite is a windows control program for the Yaesu FTDX-1200, 3000, 5000, 9000 and FT-991 / A transceivers supporting options such as the LPPAN Panadapter and the SDRPlay.  All functions are provided in an easy to use interface that easily allows control of many options that are hidden in the Yaesu radio interface.

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Point and click control of the Yaesu radio functions without using dual purpose buttons or entering menus.

Built in Spotting using your ClubLog profile!

Access to the Radio Menus: Ability to export and import all settings to a file!


And of course Win4Yaesu Suite comes with built in Panadapter software


Third Party Support

Win4Yaesu Suite also comes with a Ham Radio Deluxe compatible server interface allowing HRD LogBook and DM780 to connect and log frequency band and mode information.  Supports QSY clicks on HRD spots.

Win4Yaesu Suite also supports DX4WIN, DXKeeper, Logger32, WinLog32, Logic 9, N1MM+,  NAP3 and any hardware device that supports the Yaesu FTDX radios via serial port interfaces and standard CAT commands.