Win4Yaesu Suite Interfaces with Both Passive and Active Hardware Devices

Many antenna tuners and amplifiers offer either active polling or passive listening to a radio over a serial port. In the past you were either required to use unreliable port sharing utilities or build a serial port “Y” cable that intercepts CAT commands to your radio.  Not so with Win4Yaesu Suite.

Win4Yaesu Suite has built in virtual ports that appear to the outside world as real Yaesu radios.  All you need to do is plug in your hardware device into a serial port on your computer and then connect one of the Win4Yaesu  virtual ports to this serial port.  If your device actively polls it is ready to go.  If it listens passively you can tell Win4Yaesu to send frequency, band or AutoInf commands automatically, keeping your device in full synchronization with your radio.



Posted by tomb18