Frequently Asked Questions

1) I just bought the software and now there is a new version!

No worries.  Win4Yaesu Suite will have frequent updates.  These are either the result of improvements, additional functionality or bug fixes.  Just download the new release and follow the release note page for the installation.

2) How do I install Win4Yaesu Suite?

Just follow the first few pages of the manual.  It will save time and energy.

3) All the peaks on the spectrum are small!

You need to zoom in!  Press the Help button on the right of the spectrum window.

4) How do I change the scale for the signal amplitude?

See #3

5) I need a SIGNED version of com0com for my 64 bit version of Windows.  Where do I find this?

The only signed version of 64 bit com0com is located here:

Don’t be tempted to download a newer version with the hopes it is signed. If you do you will get lots of errors.  To fix this see the next FAQ entry.

6) I installed the UNSIGNED com0com!

If you download an unsigned version of com0com and then try to install the correct signed version, you will need to do the following.  Uninstall the unsigned version, then install the signed version.  You will receive errors.  Go into the Control Panel –  Device Manager and you will see the com0com driver with an exclamation mark. Double click on it, then select the Driver tab, then Uninstall.  You will then get a dialog and there is a check box saying “Delete the driver software for this device“.  Check this.  This will remove the newer unsigned driver that Windows kept along when it did the uninstalls.  Reinstall the signed driver and you are good to go.

7) I cannot log in to my ClubLog account.

The first thing to check is if you have a reserved letters in your password:  Reserved letters are letters that will not work correctly with the underlying web control software.  These include ? ” \ etc.  These will work interactively but not through the software.  Please change your password to omit these characters.

If your password is OK, then make sure you are signing in with your call sign, not email address.  ClubLog allows both interactively but the @ sign is reserved as above.

8) The track bar sliders are blue in Windows 10

This is a “Feature” of Windows 10.  In particular Windows has decided to color part of the trackbar according to the Windows Theme settings.

9) The buttons are a weird color or not visible

You need to select any theme other than Windows Classic.  Windows classic is a very old theme from the days before Windows XP.  Right click your desktop and select “Personalize” and then “Themes”.

10) The spectrum scope graphics only fill part of the screen

You need to make sure your font scaling is set to 100%, 150% or 200%.  Settings values such as 133% do not work correctly.  Perhaps Windows Creator Edition will fix this.